Guest Info A-Z  

(A printed copy is given to our guests) 








Bus Service (KTEL)

Post Office

Contact Person


2244043249 (Gennadi)



The rooms are individually air-conditioned so you can control the room temperature according to your preference. Simply increase or decrease the temperature by adjusting the thermostat to the desired setting. For health and environmental reasons, it is recommended not to set temperature below 25º C. Use air-conditioning with doors and windows closed and shut off air-conditioning when you leave the house. Air-condtion will shut automatically when nobody is in the house. After any power cut (even for a few seconds) you might have to restart the air-conditioning manually.

ATMs (cash machines)

There are 2 ATM’s at the Kiotari Shopping Center, one on the main road right across Rhodos Maris Hotel and one at the arcade. There is also one at Gennadi village and one in Lardos village.


A baby cot and a baby high chair are stored at the garage/storage room.

BARS, Beach Bars

Lighthouse bar restaurant by the beach road, ca. 1.5 km South, beautiful beach (sand,pebbles) kids play area

Shimba’s by the beach road, ca 2 km East (day and night, special party nights)

Lythos by the beach road, next to Shimba's

- Large variety in the wider area (Pefki, Lindos etc.


There is a stone built charcoal BBQ outside, next to the kitchen. Use only charcoal, no wood. Charcoal and BBQ utensils are stored in the cupboard next to the grill place. Be cautious with fire, especially when it is windyDo not use BBQ if it is very windy. Do not leave the fire place unattended and make sure the water hose is close by. After the BBQ do not throw away the ashes/charcoal, as it can still burn for hours. If necessary wet ashes and leftover charcoals with the hose. Empty ashes and old charcoals in the compost place. 


Main Kiotari Beach is the nearest beach, just below the villa. Very popular with locals, never crowded. The beach stretches for miles to the south.

Beach at the "Lighthouse", 2km SE, next to Light House Beach Bar & Restaurant. Small pebbles, sand. Umbrellas, shady trees. Popular not only by locals, restaurant, beautiful beach bar with good music, really nice for families with small childen.

Glystra Beach, 4 km NE, is a popular beach. Sand, shallow waters, calm, umbrellas, snack bar at the beach.

Pefki Beach, 8km NE, at the popular tourist resort. Sand, countless beach restaurants and bars.

Mojito, 9 km SE, remote and wild, beach bar with snacks, bamboo umbrellas and huts, DJay.

Agios Pavlos, 20 km SE, wild and remote, sand, dirt road.

Prasonissi, 30 km SE. The world famous surfing resort at the southern tip of the island. A narrow sand bank connects the main island with the tiny island Prasonissi, “the Green Island”. This sand bank is often under water and separates the stormy north and the calm south Aegean sea. Fourni. At the North-West part of the island, part of protected wildlife zone (natura 2000), remote and wild.


Souvenirs as well as beach wear, other clothing, shoes and leather bags, CDs, DVDs, handicrafts, etc. can be found in numerous shops at Pefki or Lindos, or at the shopping centers near the hotel resorts.


Glass Bottom Boat trip to Lindos (*)

Symi Island (from Rhodes city harbor)

Chalki Island (from Kamiros Skala harbor)

Marmaris,Turkey from Rhodes harbor

(*) We recommend a glass bottom boat trip from Pefki to Lindos with our good friend Captain Jeannot. A great experience, Villa Chevalier guests receive a special discount.


There is a bus station just below the villa. The main bus station is in Gennadi village, 2 km south. The bus normally passes through the villages on the way to its main destination which is Rhodes City or back to Kiotari resp. Gennadi Village. Price: 6.50 € One Way

From the Villa, Direction Rhodes City

08:00 - 09.00 - 09:45 - 10.30 - 11.30 - 12.20 - 13:45 - 14.45 - 15.45 - 17:20 - 18.20

To the Villa, leaving from Rhodes City at Mandraki bus station

06:15 - 07.00 - 10.00 - 11:30 - 13:00 -14.30 - 16.30 - 18.00 - 19.30

* Not on Sundays


All major car rental companies are represented at the airport. Of the local local rental companies we recommend MARATHON, GEORGE CARS and MASTER.


There is one bank in Lardos village and one in Lindos.


Regional Medical Center in Gennadi, (3km) Tel. 2244043233, 24 h.

Rhodes Town Hospital: Tel. 2241080000

In case you need a doctor or medical treatment in a hospital, please contact us for assistance whenever possible.

See also the list of Telephone Numbers at the top of this page.


The tap water is of excellent drinking quality, but feel free to buy bottled water.


To be found in the cupboard at the BBQ area next to the kitchen.


Guests are encouraged to cut fresh fruits from the garden. Fruits ripe at different times, ask us for assistance if you wish.


There is one gate leading to the garage (south gate) and one gate leading to the upper level (north gate). It is more convenient to use the north gate when you arrive, as it is closer to the house entrance. Use the gate that suits you most. Always close gates because of (semi)wild goats in the area. You can lock gates if you wish.


A garbage bin is located at the main road. Do not throw loose garbage, use plastic bags. There is a compost place next to the North Gate that you may use if you wish. Throw any organic material from the kitchen (vegetables, fruit scraps, old bread, but no meat and no oil).


A garden in Rhodes means lots of watering in the summer. The person in charge does this normally in the morning or in the evening.


18 holes Golf Course at Afandou Bay. The course is open to the public 12 months a year.


A hair dryer is located in the walk-in-closet of the bedroom at the upper level.


The name of the villa is dedicated to the Chevaliers of Saint Jean (St. John Knights, Johanniter Kreuzritter) who ruled the island for 3 centuries in medieval times. The Chevaliers built many fortresses, the closest being 3 km NE inland, at the village of Asklipio. As you certainly will notice, the villa itself is a modern times fortress. Built at the edge of a wooded hill overlooking the bay of Kiotari and surrounded by creeks, it is secluded and absolute private, yet not remote and close to all amenities.

The site itself is full of history. Ruins of a large early Christian church that once stood there, over a much older ancient temple can be seen at the south east edge of the property. The church was dedicated to Our Lady Maria.The location itself is called Eftaimati. It means as much as the Lady who did her seventh step when she learnt how to walk. It was the name that made the archeologists dig for the church and they found it right here.


The water is heated by a solar heating system. Normally the hot water quantity is sufficient. In case more hot water is needed, you can switch on the electric connection, at the switch in the kitchen. It will take ca. half hour to heat up, please shut it off afterwards.


The house is cleaned at each change over and each week. For guests staying 2 weeks, there is cleaning and changing of bed sheets and towels after one week. A different cleaning date or more frequent cleanings may be arranged.


There is a fast, free wireless ADSL internet network (Wi-Fi) in and around the house (25 MB/s). The network’s name is Linksys , connection is automatic (no password needed).


There is one washing machine in the house, for your private use and one in the garage for the cleaning personnel. For standard washing, select the temperature and turn button to nr 2. There is a clothes hanger next to the house.Please call Vania for help if necessary. A professional laundry and dry cleaning service is located in Gennadi village, just at the crossroad of Gennadi-Vati villages.


We kindly ask you to open the water sprinklers in the morning and the evening, for 20 to 40 minutes each time, depending on the month. One water sprinkler is by the pool and the other is by the garden shower. As mentioned above, open the water sprinkler next to the BBQ before making fire with the charcoals for additional safety.

LIZZARDS (Eidechsen)

You might see small lizards around the house. They are absolutely harmless, and they eat a lot of insects too.


Princess Andriana Hotel (1.5 km) and all large hotels in Kiotari provide these services.


Additional services are available on request.


The list is endless, below we list some of the most recommended places:

- Rhodes Old Town

- Ancient Ialyssos

- Lindos Acropolis

- The Valley Of The Butterflies

- Kamiros

- Kallithea

- Archaeological Museum Of Rhodes

- Palace Of The Grandmaster (Chevaliers Pallace)

- Exhibition "Rhodes, 2400 Years"

- Municipal Gallery Of Rhodes

- Rhodes Aquarium

- Filerimos Hill

- Castle Of Kritinia

- Seven Springs

- Asklipio Castle

- Monte Smith

- Monolithos Castle

- Prasonissi

- Faliraki Waterpark


The pool has a depth of 1m to 1.80m (depth increases steadily). Be cautious with children and non swimmers. Do not leave children unattended at the pool, not even for seconds. The filtration system is programmed to run every couple of hours. The night light is programmed to go on at sunset and will last for a couple of hours, until ca. 24:00 h. The pool is serviced at least once a week, normally when the cleaning takes place. Please call us if something seems wrong with the pool.


See “Important Phone Numbers” at top of this guide. If you have any kind of problem or question, please contact us at all times.


(Restaurants with a star * were suggested by previous guests.

Restaurants at Kiotari Beach Area (at the beach below the villa)

- Stefanos*

- Capi di Pizza* (Italian Chef Pizza, just 400 m from the villa, Take Away possible)

- La Strada

- Paralia

- Pelekanos

- To Steki

- Ekaterini Hotel great variety, good prices, pay first at the reception (serves 19:00 to 20:00 h)

Restaurants at the wider Kiotari Area (1-2 km)

- Lighthouse* Bar and Beach Restaurant (2 km south, follow the beach road)

- Mourella* (ca. 2 km north, follow the beach road (owner’s choice)

- Paraktio* (for breakfasts) ca. 1 km, by the beach road

Gennadi village (ca. 2 km)

Mamma’s Kitchen, at the village

- Other restaurants and souvlaki stands at the village

- Various restaurants at Gennadi beach, Antonis*

South Rhodes Area (8-30 km)

- Fish Restaurant at Plymiri Beach*, good prices

- Vati village, traditional restaurants, one at the main road just before turning left to the village and one at the village square

- Profilia Village, traditional restaurant “O LISTIS “

- Prassonissi, various beach restaurants

- Lardos village, various restaurants at the village square

- Pefki, countless restaurants and bars, we recommend the restaurant ENIGMA at the end of the central road

- Lindos village, countless restaurants and bars.


A safe box is located in the wardrobe of one of the bedrooms at the upper level.


Sofos Market (0.6km) is the closest and largest supermarket in the area. A butcher shop, a pastry shop and a flower shop are right by the supermarket. Drive down to the main road and turn right.

Carrefour (1 km). Drive down the main road and turn left.

Proton (2km) is another option. Drive down the main road and turn left.

Bakery: One in Gennadi (2km) at the main square and one in Lardos village (6km).

Vegetable and Fruits Shop: In Gennadi (2km), at the main square, next to the bakery.


For the comfort of all our guests, smoking is NOT allowed in the villa, but guests can smoke at the verandas.


As we have a subscription service with NOVA company, you can receive free numerous cinema channels (Novacinema1, 2 , 3, 4 etc,) with the latest films, as well as news and sports channels ( CNN, BBC World, Euronews etc). In addition there is Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, MTV, Travel, Fashion TV and various other English, German, French and other international channels. See additional info at the end of the paper guide or visit the Nova site at The television set and its "Nova" satellite decoder is controlled with two separate hand-held remote controls. You need the TV controller to switch the set on and off, and to change the volume. The controller for the decoder is used to choose the channel you wish to watch. Press [TV] and use the arrows to change the program group. You can switch from TV to Radio.


You are free to entertain as many visitors at the villa as you wish. If you wish to invite one or several of your guests to stay for the night, this is possible if it does not exceed the maximum capacity of the villa (8 persons).


A great variety of water sports like jet ski, banana boat rides, water ski, para-sailing, catamaran etc. are offered at the hotel resort beaches nearby by qualified firms.

We recommend Sabina’s Water Sport Center close to Glystra beach. Our friends Sabine and Roland will offer you great water sports and good prices when you mention us.

Scuba Diving

There are two diving schools on the island and they both have diving spots which are close to the villa. Waterhoppers has a Station at Pefki (8km).